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bobbin a spool or spindle on which thread or yarn is wound for use in sewing, weaving, or the like.
capstan the revolving spindle in a tape recorder around which magnetic tape is wound and that regulates the speed at which the tape moves. [1/2 definitions]
cop3 a cone-shaped mass of thread wound on a spindle.
headstock the part of a machine that supports a revolving or moving part such as the spindle of a lathe.
mandrel a shaft or spindle used to hold a piece being machined or milled. [1/2 definitions]
metaphase in biology, the stage in mitosis and meiosis in which the duplicated chromosomes of the dividing cell line up along the equatorial plane of the spindle.
micrometer caliper a precision caliper with a spindle that is moved by a micrometer screw, used for measuring minute distances with extreme accuracy.
quill a spool or spindle upon which yarn or thread can be wound. [1/6 definitions]
spindle to impale (papers, cards, or the like) on a desk spindle. [2/9 definitions]
spinning wheel a simple machine for spinning thread or yarn that has a single spindle driven by a large wheel.
Windsor chair a wooden chair having a spindle back, outward-slanting legs, and a saddle seat.