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bespatter to splash and soil with drops or bits of matter; spatter. [1/2 definitions]
dabble to splash liquid lightly. [1/4 definitions]
dash to splash or apply as if by splashing. [1/12 definitions]
dollop a small amount, such as a quick splash of liquid. [1/2 definitions]
douse1 to throw water or another liquid on; splash or drench. [1/4 definitions]
lap3 to lightly splash or slap against. [2/6 definitions]
plash a gentle splash. [3 definitions]
slop to cause (liquid) to spill or splash. [4/9 definitions]
slosh of a liquid, to splash against the sides of its container. [1/6 definitions]
slush to cover or splash with slush. [1/4 definitions]
spatter to scatter bits or drops of a liquid on; splash or spot. [2/7 definitions]
splash a spot made by a splash, or a similar spot or patch made by other means, such as color or light. [1/9 definitions]
splatter to cause to splash. [1/3 definitions]
swash to splash, as moving water or something in water does. [4/9 definitions]