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aureate splendid, brilliant, or ornate, sometimes affectedly, as an overly artificial literary style. [1/2 definitions]
baronial suitable for a baron; sumptuous, splendid, or magnificent. [1/2 definitions]
brave fine; splendid; admirable. [1/6 definitions]
brilliant very striking or splendid in appearance, as color or scenery. [1/5 definitions]
glorification a form of something that has been made, or made to seem, more splendid or wonderful. [1/2 definitions]
glorify to cause to appear more praiseworthy, significant, or splendid than is actually the case. [1/3 definitions]
gorgeous exceptionally beautiful; splendid.
grandeur the quality of being majestic, splendid, or grand.
lustrous admirable; splendid. [1/2 definitions]
magnificence the quality of being grand or splendid.
magnificent very grand or splendid; extremely impressive in size or beauty. [1/2 definitions]
marvelous of the highest quality; splendid. [1/3 definitions]
outshine to be better, more beautiful, or more splendid than. [1/2 definitions]
princely characteristic of or suitable to a prince; splendid; extravagant. [1/2 definitions]
regal imposing and splendid. [1/2 definitions]
royal splendid or excellent. [1/5 definitions]
shining strikingly fine; brilliant; splendid. [1/2 definitions]
splendiferous (informal) magnificent; fine; splendid.
sumptuous large, lavish, or splendid, esp. when created at great cost.
terrific very good; splendid. [1/3 definitions]