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adder's-tongue any of various ferns with a single sporeless leaflike frond and a slender spore-bearing spike or stalk that suggests a snake's tongue. [1/2 definitions]
botulinum a spore-forming bacterium (Clostridium botulinum) that produces botulin toxin under anaerobic conditions.
clostridium any of a genus of spore-forming, anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium, that inhabits soil or the intestinal tract of humans.
conidium in fungi, an asexual spore formed at the tip of a specialized structure.
horsetail any of various nonflowering, spore-producing plants that have hollow jointed stems with narrow sheathlike leaves.
placenta the part of a plant that contains developing seeds or spore cases. [1/2 definitions]
slime mold any of various funguslike organisms characterized by a noncellular, motile phase and a propagative, spore-bearing phase.
sporangium a plant cell or organ such as a sac or branch that produces spores; spore case.
sporo- spore.
sporule a small spore.
stroma in mycology, a mass of fungal tissue containing spore-bearing structures. [1/3 definitions]
theca in biology, a case, covering, or sac that encloses an organ, part, or entire organism, such as the horny covering of an insect pupa or the spore case of a moss capsule.
zygospore in botany, a spore formed by the joining of two similar gametes, as in certain algae and fungi.