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adder's-tongue any of various ferns with a single sporeless leaflike frond and a slender spore-bearing spike or stalk that suggests a snake's tongue. [1/2 definitions]
bent2 a stiff stalk of such grass. [1/2 definitions]
broccoli a cultivated subspecies of the cabbage, or the green flower buds and flowering stalk of this plant used for food.
Brussels sprout a green vegetable resembling a small head of cabbage that grows among other heads along a tall stalk of a plant. [1/2 definitions]
cane the stalk of a large, hard-stemmed grass, such as bamboo, or the plant itself. [1/7 definitions]
celery a plant cultivated for its crunchy, edible stalk and for its leaves and seeds, used as seasoning.
compound leaf a leaf composed of two or more leaflets on a single stalk.
death cup a poisonous mushroom with white gills and a bulbous cup surrounding the base of the stalk.
devil's paintbrush a common perennial weed found in Europe and North America that bears a cluster of orange-red flowers atop a leafless stalk.
funicular in botany, of or pertaining to the stalk on which an ovule or seed is borne. [1/4 definitions]
gynophore a stalk that supports a flower's pistil or pistils.
hilum a scar on a seed formed where it was formerly attached to the seed stalk. [1/2 definitions]
Indian pipe an almost leafless waxy white plant, related to heath, that lives on decayed organic matter, bears a single white flower on each stalk, and looks like a tobacco pipe.
larkspur any of several plants that bear bright, spurred flowers in blue, pink, or white on an upright stalk; delphinium.
leafstalk the slender stalk by which a leaf is attached to a stem; petiole.
mouse to stalk and catch mice, or to hunt about as if for mice. [1/5 definitions]
mushroom any of numerous edible or poisonous fungi, usu. with a fleshy, umbrella-shaped cap on a thin stalk. [1/7 definitions]
ommatophore a movable stalk bearing an eye, as in certain snails.
pedicel a small stalk that bears a single flower or fruit. [1/2 definitions]
peltate having the leaf stalk attached near the center of the surface of a leaf instead of at the margin.
petiole the thin stalk by which a leaf is attached to a stem. [1/2 definitions]