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amylaceous of, concerning, or resembling starch.
amylase any of a class of enzymes, found in saliva and many tissues of plants and animals, that break down starch to sugars.
amyloid of, containing, or resembling starch. [1/3 definitions]
amylopsin an enzyme produced by the pancreas, capable of converting starch into sugar.
amylum starch.
arrowroot a plant of tropical America whose root is dried and pulverized to produce a nutritious starch. [2 definitions]
cassava any of several tropical American plants with a tuberous root that yields a nutritive starch. [2 definitions]
cornstarch a fine, starchy flour ground from corn grains, used as a thickener for cooked foods or a source of industrial starch.
dextrin a gummy substance made from starch and used as a thickener or glue.
dextrose a form of sugar that occurs naturally in plant and animal tissue or is synthesized from starch. (See glucose.)
diastase an enzyme that changes starch into sugar, found in the seed of grains, malt, and the like; amylase.
farinaceous containing much starch; starchy. [1/3 definitions]
glucose a syrup consisting of dextrose, maltose, dextrine, and water, used in making candy, fermenting alcohol, treating tobacco, and tanning leather; starch syrup. [1/2 definitions]
glycogen a white substance, similar to starch, that is the principal storage material for carbohydrates in animals; animal starch.
maltose a water-soluble sugar formed by malt enzymes acting on starch, used in brewing and distilling, as a nutrient or sweetener in foods, and in culture media.
paste1 a mixture of flour or starch, water, and often other ingredients, used as an adhesive for light materials such as paper. [1/7 definitions]
plastid any of several small protoplasmic structures found in the cytoplasm of some plant cells, in which substances such as starch, protein, and pigment are stored.
polysaccharide a carbohydrate such as starch or cellulose that contains molecules with specific combinations and concentrations of simple sugars.
ptyalin an enzyme found in human and some animal saliva that converts starch into maltose and various dextrins.
saccharic acid a compound made by oxidizing a sugar or starch with nitric acid.
sago one of a group of palms native to Malaysia whose trunks are harvested to yield starch, or the starch that is derived from such a tree.