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blaze1 to shoot firearms rapidly and steadily. [1/6 definitions]
consistent steadily conforming to a regular style or pattern; not varying. [1/2 definitions]
fasten to focus intently or steadily (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [1/8 definitions]
firm1 resolutely; firmly; steadily. [1/6 definitions]
flow to move steadily and easily like a stream. [1/8 definitions]
fountain a chamber from which a liquid, such as ink in a pen, can be supplied slowly and steadily. [1/5 definitions]
glare1 to stare steadily or hostilely. [1/6 definitions]
glaring staring steadily and hostilely. [1/4 definitions]
helix a three-dimensional curve with a central axis and a steadily increasing, steadily decreasing, or constant circumference; spiral.
jobholder someone who is steadily employed.
march to progress steadily. [1/11 definitions]
oscillate to swing steadily and repeatedly back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
patient steadily persevering; persisting. [1/7 definitions]
ply1 to work steadily. [1/6 definitions]
progressive moving steadily forward or onward; advancing. [1/8 definitions]
rolling having a deep, rumbling, or steadily vibrating sound. [1/6 definitions]
sirocco a hot, dry, dusty wind that blows steadily from North Africa to parts of Europe. [1/2 definitions]
slog to walk steadily and with a heavy gait; plod. [1/4 definitions]
streamline the path of one particle in a fluid flowing steadily and smoothly past an object. [1/4 definitions]
sweep to move steadily with great force or speed (usu. fol. by "along," "down," "by," "into," or the like). [1/16 definitions]
thermosphere the extreme outer edge of the earth's atmosphere, within which temperature increases steadily with altitude.