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abrupt sharp; steep. [1/3 definitions]
arduous difficult to climb; steep. [1/3 definitions]
arroyo a steep ditch or gully, usu. dry, carved in a plain or desert by drainage of heavy rainfall.
bluff1 a hill or shoreline with a steep face. [2/3 definitions]
bombogenesis rapid intensification of a large storm due to a steep drop in barometric pressure.
brine to steep, immerse, or preserve in brine. [1/4 definitions]
butte a steep hill or mountain, usu. with a flat top, that stands alone on flat land. (See mesa.)
cable car an enclosed passenger vehicle either on rails or suspended on a cable and pulled back and forth by a moving cable, esp. up and down a steep incline or across a chasm.
canyon a deep, narrow chasm with steep sides, often with a stream flowing along the bottom.
cascade a steep waterfall or series of small waterfalls. [1/5 definitions]
chute2 a steep or narrow slope, as for skiing or tobogganing.
cliff a high, steep or overhanging surface of rock or earth.
craggy marked by or having crags; rugged, steep, or rough. [1/2 definitions]
crash-dive to rapidly dive, or cause a submarine to dive, at a steep angle.
cut bank a steep riverbank, esp. one formed by erosion along a bend in a river.
escarpment a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or fault line. [1/2 definitions]
fjord a long, narrow ocean inlet that passes between high and rocky banks or steep cliffs.
funicular a short, steep railway operated by a cable, on which ascending and descending cars are counterbalanced. [1/4 definitions]
gambrel roof a gable roof with two slopes on each side, the upper flat and the lower steep.
gentle gradual or mild; not steep or abrupt. [1/7 definitions]
gulch a stony ravine with steep sides, esp. one having a seasonal stream running through it.