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braces an appliance made of wires and bands, attached to the teeth to straighten them and bring them into proper position. [1/2 definitions]
chambermaid a woman whose job is to clean and straighten hotel rooms or bedrooms.
conk2 to straighten (curly or kinky hair) chemically. [1/3 definitions]
extensor a muscle that serves to stretch or straighten part of the body, esp. an arm or a leg.
protractor a muscle that causes a body part to straighten, extend, or protrude; extensor. [1/2 definitions]
toggle joint a joint shaped like a knee or elbow, with two parts pivoted together so that pressure applied to the pivot point forces the parts to straighten and exert outward pressure at their free ends.
unbend to relax or remove the tension in or from (something bent, stretched taut, or the like); straighten; loosen. [2/3 definitions]
uncoil to straighten out from a coiled position; unwind.
uncurl to straighten.
untangle to make order out of; straighten out. [1/2 definitions]