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alien opposed in nature; strange. [1/6 definitions]
fantastic strange or eccentric, as in appearance. [1/5 definitions]
foreign unfamiliar or strange; alien. [1/4 definitions]
freaky unusual or strange; freakish. [1/2 definitions]
funny bone the place on the back of the elbow where a sharp blow causes a strange tingling sensation.
Jekyll and Hyde in the nineteenth-century novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, the protagonist, who changes from the benevolent Dr. Jekyll into the evil Mr. Hyde. [1/2 definitions]
kook (slang) a person considered to be eccentric, strange, or crazy.
new unfamiliar; strange. [1/9 definitions]
odd different from what is expected or customary; strange. [1/7 definitions]
oddball (informal) eccentric, strange, or unusual. [1/2 definitions]
peculiar odd, strange, or unusual. [1/3 definitions]
peculiarity the state or fact of being odd or strange. [2/3 definitions]
queer strange, unusual, or unexpected; eccentric; odd. [1/5 definitions]
quizzical strange; unusual; eccentric; odd. [1/3 definitions]
singular unusual, peculiar, or strange. [1/5 definitions]
strange in a strange or peculiar manner. [1/3 definitions]
transmogrify to change, transform, or mutate, esp. in a grotesque or strange way.
unfamiliar not previously experienced or known; unusual; strange. [1/2 definitions]
weird strange, odd, or unconventional; puzzlingly unusual. [1/2 definitions]
xeno- strange; foreign.
xenophilia a liking for foreigners or strangers or for foreign or strange things.