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aim to strive toward a particular goal (often followed by an infinitive or "at"). [1/8 definitions]
climb to strive to become more important, wealthier, or more successful, or to become so. [1/7 definitions]
contend to strive against difficulties or opposition (usu. fol. by "with"). [3/4 definitions]
dispute to argue or strive over; contest. [1/7 definitions]
endeavor to make an earnest effort; strive. [1/2 definitions]
pacesetter one that sets a pace for others to equal or strive for; pacemaker.
play footsie with to engage in or strive for a close, mutually beneficial, surreptitious relationship or cooperation. [1/2 definitions]
pursue to strive to accomplish or obtain. [1/7 definitions]
resist to actively oppose or strive against. [1/4 definitions]
strain1 to expend the maximum amount of effort; strive. [1/16 definitions]
strove past tense of strive.
toil1 to work or strive long and laboriously. [1/3 definitions]