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balky inclined to stop short and then refuse to proceed; stubborn; obstinate.
bullheaded perversely unwilling to change one's opinion or intended action; stubborn.
bullish perversely stubborn; bullheaded. [1/3 definitions]
cantankerous irritable, stubborn, and quarrelsome.
contumacy stubborn and obstinate resistance to authority; rebelliousness.
cross-grained (informal) stubborn or hard to deal with. [1/2 definitions]
crotchety given to peculiar whims and notions; capriciously stubborn; cantankerous.
dogged persistent or stubborn.
donkey a stubborn, foolish, or stupid person. [1/3 definitions]
froward unwilling to agree or obey; stubborn; perverse.
hard-bitten made tough or stubborn by hard experience.
headstrong insistent on having one's own way; willful; stubborn. [1/2 definitions]
inflexible not subject to pressure or influence; stubborn or unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
obstinacy the state or quality of being stubborn; stubbornness. [2 definitions]
ornery stubborn, mean, or disagreeable.
persistence the quality of being steadfast, determined, stubborn, or insistent. [1/3 definitions]
pigheaded obstinate; stubborn.
stiff-necked stubborn; obstinate; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
strong-willed obstinate; stubborn. [1/2 definitions]
Tartar (often l.c.) one who is stubborn, irritable, savage, or violent. [1/4 definitions]
unwilling stubborn or resistant; obstinate. [1/2 definitions]