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adopt to take on as one's own (a manner, style, or point of view). [1/3 definitions]
Afro a hair style, originating among American blacks, in which the hair is worn in a high rounded bush, cropped close at the nape. [1/3 definitions]
agitato quick and restless or excited in movement or style; agitated (used as a musical direction).
airy light in style or manner. [1/5 definitions]
la in the manner or style of.
ancestry the origin or evolution of an object, idea, or style. [1/3 definitions]
Anglicize (often l.c.) to change or conform to that which is English in style, manner, pronunciation, or the like.
animato in a lively and animated style or manner (used as a musical direction).
antique to cause to appear old or antique in style. [1/5 definitions]
architecture the style, character, or method of building design. [1/3 definitions]
arioso a vocal style that resembles aria. [1/3 definitions]
arr.2 abbreviation of "arrangement," the act of putting things in order, esp. the adaptation of a piece of music for a particular style of performance.
arrange to adapt (a piece of music) for a particular style of performance or for particular players. [1/4 definitions]
arrangement the adaptation of a piece of music for a particular style of performance. [1/5 definitions]
art deco (sometimes cap.) a decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s that featured geometric shapes and bold colors and that was applied to furniture, glass and plastic ware, graphic productions, architecture, and the like.
art nouveau (sometimes cap.) a style of art in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notable for motifs taken from nature and expressed with curved lines.
atavism the recurrence or reappearance of a particular trait, style, attitude, or behavior that seemed to have disappeared, or that which has recurred or reappeared after such an absence. [1/2 definitions]
Attic (often l.c.) simple and restrained but elegant in style. [1/4 definitions]
Atticism a style, idiom, mannerism, custom, or the like, that is characteristic of Attic Greek. [1/2 definitions]
aureate splendid, brilliant, or ornate, sometimes affectedly, as an overly artificial literary style. [1/2 definitions]
auteur a director whose films display a distinctive personal style. [1/2 definitions]