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brainstorm to produce (an idea, suggestion, or solution) by brainstorming. [1/6 definitions]
countersuggestion combined form of suggestion.
feeler a hint, suggestion, or question intended to cause another's thoughts or feelings to be revealed. [1/2 definitions]
glimmer a slight suggestion; faint appearance; trace. [1/4 definitions]
glimpse a vague or faint idea or suggestion; glimmer. [1/4 definitions]
hint a subtle or indirect but comprehensible reference, intimation, or suggestion. [2/4 definitions]
hypnosis an induced sleeplike condition characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestion. [1/2 definitions]
impressionable readily influenced; affected by suggestion; suggestible.
inkling a vague or partial suggestion; hint or clue. [1/2 definitions]
insinuation a sly hint or suggestion, esp. a derogatory or malicious one. [1/2 definitions]
intimate2 to make known with a hint or other indirect suggestion; imply.
note a slight underlying indication or suggestion. [1/11 definitions]
offer that which is offered, such as a suggestion, recommendation, proposal, or wage. [1/14 definitions]
pass a sexual suggestion or overture. [1/30 definitions]
pointer a word of advice; suggestion. [1/5 definitions]
proposal the act of offering a suggestion. [1/3 definitions]
proposition a suggestion or proposal for sexual relations. [1/5 definitions]
responsive reacting positively to an influence or suggestion. [1/2 definitions]
ring2 the suggestion of a specified quality. [1/17 definitions]
shadow a trace; suggestion; hint. [1/12 definitions]
shall used to express an offer or suggestion (used only with the subjects "we" and "I"). [1/3 definitions]