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brace up to summon one's strength or courage.
bugle1 to summon by playing the bugle. [1/4 definitions]
call to summon, ask, or invite. [2/22 definitions]
call for to request; summon. [1/3 definitions]
cite to summon to appear in a court of law. [1/5 definitions]
convene to cause to gather or assemble, or to cause (a formal gathering) to be held; summon; convoke. [1/3 definitions]
convoke to summon to an assembly; convene.
drum to signal or summon by striking a drum. [1/10 definitions]
evoke to cause to appear; summon; conjure. [1/2 definitions]
hail1 to call out or wave to in order to summon or attract the attention of. [1/7 definitions]
invoke to call forth or summon (a spirit) with an incantation; conjure. [1/4 definitions]
page2 to summon or call (someone), usu. in a public place, by announcing the person's name or making contact electronically. [1/3 definitions]
pipe1 to produce (music) or summon by a signal with a pipe. [1/13 definitions]
resummon combined form of summon.
ring2 to summon or proclaim with the sound of a bell or similar device. [1/17 definitions]
subpoena to call for, summon, or serve with a subpoena. [1/2 definitions]
summonable combined form of summon.
tales (used with a sing. verb) the writ that is issued to summon these people. [1/2 definitions]
tattoo2 a signal sounded on a drum or bugle to summon military personnel to their quarters at night. [1/2 definitions]
venire facias a writ issued by a judge that directs an official to summon qualified citizens to serve on a jury. [1/2 definitions]
vesper a bell rung to summon worshipers to the evening service. [1/5 definitions]