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abnegate to surrender (a right or privilege); renounce. [1/2 definitions]
capitulate to surrender or acquiesce.
capitulation a document containing the terms or specified conditions of surrender. [1/3 definitions]
cave in (informal) to surrender or yield. [1/2 definitions]
cede to give up or surrender, esp. formally.
compromise to surrender or endanger one's principles or reputation. [1/7 definitions]
delivery the handing over or surrender of something. [1/5 definitions]
flag of truce a white flag displayed to an enemy to indicate a desire to talk together or surrender.
forfeit to be made to surrender (something) as a penalty or fine. [2/6 definitions]
give away to surrender possession of or give as a gift. [1/4 definitions]
give up to surrender; yield. [1/3 definitions]
hand over to give up control of; surrender.
inalienable not subject to transfer, surrender, or removal, esp. one's rights as a citizen.
release in law, to surrender or give up (a right or claim). [1/9 definitions]
relinquish to surrender, release, or let go of; give up.
retrocede2 to surrender or give back to (territory).
sacrifice the surrender of something valuable or beloved as an act of devotion or in exchange for some perceived higher good. [2/11 definitions]
siege a military maneuver in which a fortification, such as a city or a fort, is surrounded, subjected to attack, and cut off from supplies or reinforcements in order to bring about complete surrender. [1/3 definitions]
unlimited having no exceptions or qualifications, as a surrender. [1/3 definitions]
vacate to leave or surrender a job or location. [1/2 definitions]
V-J Day the day the Allied Forces won victory over Japan in World War II, either August 15, 1945, the day the fighting stopped, or September 2, 1945, the day the surrender was officially signed (acronym for "victory in Japan").