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botanize to survey or study the plant life of (an area). [1/3 definitions]
canvass to conduct a survey of; poll. [2/8 definitions]
census an official count and statistical survey of a population, usu. conducted at periodic intervals.
conspectus a general overview; survey. [1/2 definitions]
grand tour any thorough or comprehensive study, survey, or journey. [1/2 definitions]
interview an inquiry of a person by one who is conducting a survey. [1/5 definitions]
map to survey in order to make a map of. [1/4 definitions]
overview a general review, summary, or survey, as of a subject or situation.
panorama a representation or survey of an extensive subject or of a long series of passing events. [1/3 definitions]
plat1 to make a plat of; plot or survey. [1/3 definitions]
poll to survey in order to gather facts about, or the opinions of. [1/10 definitions]
pollster a person who conducts a public survey of facts or opinions, esp. one whose occupation is conducting polls.
resurvey combined form of survey.
review to offer a critical survey of (an article, book, or the like). [1/11 definitions]
survey to carry out a survey of; canvass. [2/9 definitions]
triangulate to measure or survey by using known angles and distances and calculating according to the properties of triangles. [1/3 definitions]
view the act of looking at or observing; visual inspection; survey. [2/7 definitions]