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broom to sweep using or as though using a broom. [1/3 definitions]
dust storm a storm of severe winds that sweep up clouds of dust from land dried up by a drought.
lash1 a stroke, sweep, or blow by a whip. [1/11 definitions]
overrun to sweep across and dominate quickly, as an invading population, or a plague. [1/7 definitions]
sidearm thrown or throwing with a sweep of the arm at or below shoulder level. [1/2 definitions]
squeegee a T-shaped tool that has a rubber-edged blade on a handle and is used to sweep water or other liquid from or across a surface such as a window. [1/2 definitions]
swept past tense and past participle of sweep.
swoop to sweep down suddenly from or as if from above in attack (often fol. by "down"). [1/3 definitions]
upsweep to sweep, curve, or slope upwards. [2/4 definitions]
whisk to move, brush off, or carry off with, or as though with, a quick, light sweep of the hand or a brush. [1/6 definitions]
whisk broom a small short-handled broom, used to brush or sweep clothes, raised surfaces, and the like.
windrow to rake, sweep, or the like into windrows. [1/3 definitions]
winnow to blow or sweep air on; fan. [1/8 definitions]