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about-face an abrupt, complete change in opinion, beliefs, actions, or the like; switch; reversal. [1/3 definitions]
bait-and-switch of or relating to a bait-and-switch. [1/2 definitions]
circuit breaker a switch or other device that automatically interrupts the electric current when a circuit is overloaded or extremely stressed in another way.
cutaway a switch from one scene to another in a film, used to create suspense, show a simultaneous event, or the like; cutaway shot. [1/4 definitions]
dim to switch (automotive vehicle headlights) from high intensity or position to ordinary intensity. [1/9 definitions]
escutcheon a decorative or protective plate around a door handle, keyhole, light switch, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
go off on a tangent to switch suddenly from a main topic or course of action to another that is irrelevant.
hickory the wood of a hickory tree, or a rod made of this wood for use as a walking stick or switch. [1/2 definitions]
ignition in an automobile or the like, the switch that activates the ignition system. [1/3 definitions]
knob a rounded protrusion, such as a doorknob, drawer pull, or mechanical switch. [1/2 definitions]
pilot lamp a small light that indicates the location of an electric switch or circuit breaker. [1/2 definitions]
rod a stick, switch, or the like used for punishment, or punishment itself, generally (often prec. by the). [1/7 definitions]
shift to switch or move from one place to another or toward a new direction; change the position of. [1/12 definitions]
shunt to switch (a vehicle such as a train or railroad car) from one track to another. [4/10 definitions]
sidetrack of a train or train car, to switch to a siding. [1/3 definitions]
start to cause (a machine, motor, or engine) to begin operating; switch on. [1/15 definitions]
switch to turn on or off (an electrical appliance) by operating a switch (usu. fol. by "off" or "on"). [2/10 definitions]
switchable combined form of switch.
three-way designed to operate in three ways, esp. as a light bulb or electrical switch that operates on three different wattages.
toggle switch a switch in which a projecting lever is moved through a small arc by means of a toggle joint to open or close an electric circuit.
trip to release a trigger or switch, thereby setting (something) in motion or operation. [1/18 definitions]