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bait-and-switch a sales tactic in which a seller attracts customers by advertising at a bargain price one item that is often out of stock, and then diverts their attention by encouraging them to buy another item at a higher price. [1/2 definitions]
big lie the use of such a tactic in political propaganda (usu. prec. by "the"). [1/2 definitions]
démarche a move, countermove, tactic, or maneuver, esp. in diplomacy.
gambit a tactic or maneuver designed to gain an advantage, esp. one that involves some sacrifice on one's part. [2/3 definitions]
parry a clever answer, evasion, or other tactic to defend oneself. [1/5 definitions]
Satyagraha (sometimes l.c.) the policy of nonviolent or passive resistance as a political tactic, created and used extensively by Mohandas Gandhi in India.
squeeze play (informal) the tactic of exerting pressure to achieve a goal or obtain a concession. [1/2 definitions]
stonewalling the tactic of stalling or withholding cooperation or information in order to block, delay, or frustrate a person, group, or process.