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abuse to talk to or of in an offensive or unfair manner. [1/7 definitions]
at ease in the military, a standing position in which soldiers may relax but not leave formation or talk. [1/2 definitions]
bargain to talk over the terms of a transaction or exchange; negotiate. [1/6 definitions]
bat around to talk over. [1/2 definitions]
bilge (informal) stupid talk. [1/5 definitions]
blabber to talk or say in a wordy, nonsensical, or indiscreet way. [1/2 definitions]
blarney skillful or smooth talk, often with some deceit and in an effort to gain favor from the listener. [2 definitions]
blatherskite idle, foolish talk; blather. [1/2 definitions]
blue streak something fast and seemingly endless, as some talk. [1/2 definitions]
boast to talk with an excess of pride, esp. about oneself; brag. [2/5 definitions]
bosh (informal) foolish or meaningless talk; nonsense.
bruit to talk of widely (usu. used passively).
bullshit (vulgar slang) to talk idly. [1/5 definitions]
bunkum insincere talk or speech-making.
call-in encouraging listeners or viewers to telephone and talk with a radio or television host. [1/2 definitions]
chat to talk in a friendly or informal manner. [2/5 definitions]
chew the fat (informal) to talk idly; chat.
chew the rag (informal) to talk idly; chat.
clack rapid, prolonged, or unimportant talk; chatter. [1/8 definitions]
claptrap insincere or pretentious talk or language.
confabulate to talk informally or casually; chat. [1/2 definitions]