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bob3 a light tap or blow. [2/3 definitions]
buck and wing a fast tap dance characterized by much leaping and heel clicking.
bunt1 in baseball, to tap (the ball) so that it lands in the front of the infield. [1/2 definitions]
chuck1 a light or playful tap, esp. under the chin. [1/6 definitions]
dab1 to pat or tap lightly. [1/6 definitions]
dot a short click, tap, or buzz used in combination with longer dashes to represent letters in Morse code. [1/10 definitions]
drum to strike or tap any surface repeatedly, as with the fingers. [1/10 definitions]
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container; tap; spigot.
jump ball in basketball, a method of putting the ball in play in which the referee tosses the ball straight up between two opposing players, who leap and try to tap the ball to a teammate.
pat1 to strike or tap lightly with something flat, esp. the open palm or fingers, as to mold or shape. [4/5 definitions]
paw to tap or strike with a paw or paws. [1/6 definitions]
rap1 the sound made by a quick blow on a hard surface; tap. [1/9 definitions]
shuffle a dance in which the feet are dragged along the floor, or a tap dance step in which they are brushed back and forth against the floor before lifting. [1/8 definitions]
soft-shoe of or designating a type of tap dancing done without metal taps on the shoes. [1/2 definitions]
spigot a device used to regulate the flow of liquid from a pipe or other opening; tap; faucet. [2 definitions]
spile a tap or spout driven into a sugar maple through which the sap is drawn off. [2/4 definitions]
tap1 a metal cleat fastened to the toe or heel of a shoe to protect against wear, or to enable a tap dancer to make sharp clicking noises. [1/7 definitions]
tap dance a dance in which the performer, wearing shoes with special hard soles, uses the foot, heel, or toe to tap out a rhythm.
tap-dance to perform a tap dance.
tip4 a light touch; tap. [1/2 definitions]