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absent-minded not paying attention to the immediate task or event because one's mind is preoccupied with other matters.
a hard row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
a long row to hoe a very difficult task or situation.
apparatus a machine or group of machines designed to accomplish a specific task. [1/2 definitions]
appointee a person appointed to fill an office or position or to perform an assigned task.
assign to give as a task. [1/6 definitions]
assignment an assigned task, such as a job or lesson. [1/4 definitions]
block a state of being unable to perform a certain task. [1/19 definitions]
breeze (informal) a simple or quickly accomplished task. [1/4 definitions]
bungle to perform a task badly and incompetently. [2/3 definitions]
challenge an interesting or difficult problem or task. [1/7 definitions]
chore a routine task, esp. around the house or yard. [2 definitions]
commission an order granting authority to perform a certain task or function. [2/9 definitions]
complete finished or concluded, as a task. [1/6 definitions]
confidential having the task of keeping another's affairs private. [1/3 definitions]
detail an assignment to a certain task. [1/7 definitions]
duty a particular task or function one is required to perform. [1/5 definitions]
efficiency the quick, accurate performance of a task, or the ability to so perform. [1/3 definitions]
elect to select as the person to accomplish a particular task, usually through a process of voting. [1/8 definitions]
entrust to assign or hand over something or some task to (a person, group, or the like) as a responsibility. [1/2 definitions]
equip to furnish with necessary tools or means to accomplish a task. [1/2 definitions]