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acerbate to give a sour or bitter taste to. [1/3 definitions]
acerbic sour or bitter in taste. [1/2 definitions]
acerbity bitterness of taste; astringency. [1/2 definitions]
acid in chemistry, any of a group of substances that usu. dissolve in water, have a sour taste, and form salts in reaction with bases. (Cf. base.) [2/7 definitions]
acidic like acid in taste, smell, pungency, or the like; acid. [1/3 definitions]
acidulous faintly sour in taste; of mild acidity. [1/2 definitions]
acrid bitter in taste or smell; sharply irritating. [1/2 definitions]
aftertaste a lingering sensation, usu. of taste, sometimes continuing after its cause is gone. [1/2 definitions]
allspice the spice made from the allspice berry, similar to cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in taste and smell. [1/2 definitions]
almond having the taste, odor, or color of an almond. [1/6 definitions]
ambrosia something sweetly pleasing in taste or smell. [1/3 definitions]
artistic having a sense of discrimination or taste. [1/3 definitions]
arugula a plant of the mustard family having flat, green leaves that have a distinctive pungent taste and are often used as salad greens.
asafetida a gum resin obtained from Oriental plants related to the carrot, with a strong, offensive odor and a bitter taste, formerly used as a medicine.
barbaric lacking manners or refined taste; crude. [1/2 definitions]
barbarity crudity or uncouthness, as of style, expression, or taste. [1/3 definitions]
beery like beer, esp. in taste or smell. [1/2 definitions]
bitter having a sharp and unpleasant taste that is neither sour nor salty. [2/5 definitions]
bud1 any of various small, round parts, such as a taste bud. [1/7 definitions]
Canadian bacon a cured, boneless strip of pork loin having a hamlike taste, usu. packaged in a cylindrical piece to be sliced.
cheddar (sometimes cap.) a smooth hard cheese that varies in taste from mild to very sharp.