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Abe Saperstein U.S. creator, owner, and promoter of the renowned basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters; born in London, England (b.1902--d.1966).
all-American (often cap.) an individual selected as a member of a hypothetical team of the best U.S. players in a particular sport. [1/5 definitions]
all-star a player on an all-star team. [1/2 definitions]
backcourt in basketball, the half of the court that a team is defending. (Cf. forecourt.) [1/3 definitions]
base runner in baseball, any member of the team at bat who is safely on base or is running toward a base.
baton in track and field, a hollow cylinder that is carried and passed from one runner to the next on a relay team. [1/4 definitions]
best-ball of or designating a system of scoring in golf competition in which, on each hole, the lower score of either partner is recorded as the score for that team.
blank in sports, to prevent (an opposing team) from scoring. [1/12 definitions]
captain the field leader of a sports team. [1/8 definitions]
carwash a similar, temporary enterprise, usu. to raise funds for a charity, school, athletic team, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
cellar (informal) the position of an athletic team that is last in the league standings. [1/4 definitions]
center fielder in baseball, the player who is stationed in center field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
checkrein a short rein hooked on to a horse's saddle or harness, or to another horse in a team, preventing the horse from lowering or tossing its head.
cheer a cry of encouragement, approval, or appreciation, as by spectators to encourage their favorite team or players. [1/9 definitions]
cheerlead to encourage fans of a sports team to cheer during a sports event, usually by calling out special types of yells and chants that fans can join in with.
cheerleading the activity of encouraging spectators to cheer for a sports team during a competitive event using special yells and chants in addition to performing strenuous athletic feats of tumbling and gymnastics to bolster spectators' enthusiasm.
choose up (informal) to select players for each side or team, as in a sandlot baseball game.
Cinderella story an account of a person, athletic team, or the like that achieves sudden, inexplicable success.
coach a person who trains and directs an athlete or athletic team. [1/8 definitions]
crew a team of people who handle the oars in a racing shell, or the sport of racing in such shells. [1/3 definitions]
defender in sports, someone whose role is to prevent the opposing team from scoring points. [1/4 definitions]