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absurdist of or concerning the theater of the absurd. [1/3 definitions]
advance man an agent or aide who takes care of publicity, security, and other arrangements in advance of the appearance of a politician, theater group, or the like.
agitprop inflammatory political propaganda spread through literature, theater, music, and art, esp. as used in support of communism.
aisle any passageway, as between sections of seats in a theater or sections of shelves in a store. [1/2 definitions]
antistrophe in ancient Greek poetry or theater, the return movement made by the chorus in response to the previous strophe. (Cf. strophe.) [1/2 definitions]
arena theater a theater that has a central stage surrounded on at least three sides by seats.
armrest a support for the arm, as found on chairs, theater seating, and the like.
backstage to or in the areas of a theater stage that are not visible to the audience, esp. the wings and dressing rooms. [3/4 definitions]
balcony a platform projecting from the inner wall of a building and elevated above the main floor, as in a theater; gallery. [1/2 definitions]
bill1 a list of particulars, such as a menu, theater program, or outline of a plan. [1/7 definitions]
Blue Man Group a creative organization that provides performance-art theater in the form of a trio of blue-painted entertainers who incorporate such elements as food, odd props, rock music, and audience participation into their show.
bowl1 a rounded stadium or outdoor theater. [1/6 definitions]
box1 an enclosed area in a theater where spectators sit. [1/9 definitions]
box office the ticket sales office of a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
box seat a seat in a box, usu. offering a better view and some privacy, in a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like.
Broadway a major north-south New York City street, part of which is the core of the theater district in midtown. [2 definitions]
Bunraku a traditional form of Japanese puppet theater, that uses large wooden puppets manipulated by visible puppeteers who are dressed in black.
callboard a backstage bulletin board in a theater, used by the director, stage manager, and the like to post notices or instructions.
cinema a motion picture theater. [1/3 definitions]
cloakroom a room in a school, club, theater, or the like where coats, hats, and other outdoor clothing may be temporarily left.
comedy a light, amusing work of theater, film, or literature. [1/4 definitions]