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cinch to attach or tighten securely. [1/6 definitions]
constrict to pull or squeeze in; make narrower or smaller; tighten. [1/3 definitions]
contract to make smaller by drawing together; tighten or shrink. [1/8 definitions]
deadeye one of a pair of hardwood disks with holes and concave rims through and around which certain rigging ropes are passed, used esp. to tighten the stays and shrouds of sailing vessels. [1/2 definitions]
drawstring a cord or the like that is drawn through a sewn channel in fabric and pulled so as to tighten or close an opening, as of pants, a bag, or the like.
face-lift cosmetic surgery performed to tighten facial tissue and improve appearance by eliminating wrinkles and other signs of aging. [1/2 definitions]
overtighten combined form of tighten.
retighten combined form of tighten.
screw a rod or bolt carrying a helical thread to engage a threaded hole, used as a fastener or as a device to apply mechanical energy, as to tighten a clamp or lift a jack. [1/17 definitions]
shoestring a thin cord passed through eyelets on a shoe to tighten it or fasten it on; shoelace. [1/4 definitions]
turnbuckle a sleevelike metal coupling device having internal screw threads at each end, and used to connect or tighten the two parts of a metal rod or wire.