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ablative1 denoting a grammatical case in some inflected languages that indicates direction or place, time, manner, or agency. [1/3 definitions]
absence an instance or period of time of being away. [1/3 definitions]
access time the amount of time needed for a computer to retrieve or store data.
accompany to be connected or associated with in space or time. [1/3 definitions]
account an arrangement wherein a bank or other financial institution holds a customer's deposited funds so that the funds are safe but can be accessed at any time by the customer, or the conception of this arrangement as a container for the funds that are kept. [2/15 definitions]
accrue to grow or accumulate over time, esp. as something of benefit.
Achaean of or pertaining to the culture of the inhabitants of this region during the time of the ancient Greeks. [1/3 definitions]
acquire to come to possess, esp. gradually over time. [1/2 definitions]
active duty the status of full-time service or work, esp. in the military.
adaptation in biology, a change in an organism, over time, that better enables it to survive and multiply. [1/3 definitions]
adjunct having temporary or part-time status on a staff or faculty. [1/4 definitions]
adumbrate to give a vague sign or indication of ahead of time; foreshadow. [1/2 definitions]
after behind in time, order, or place; later than. [4/12 definitions]
aftereffect an effect that follows its cause after some period of time, such as a delayed effect caused by a medicine or exposure to chemicals.
after-school occurring after school hours, esp. from the time school is over until the end of the work day.
afterward at a subsequent time; subsequently.
again another time. [1/5 definitions]
age the length of time that a person or thing has existed. [4/11 definitions]
ahead of in advance of; earlier in time than. [1/3 definitions]
air-fuel pertaining to the air and fuel injected at the same time into a combustion engine.
airtime broadcast time allotted, as to an event or news story, on television or radio.