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air pressure the pressure of compressed air, as in a tire or pump, or the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
aquaplane of a vehicle or tire, to skid over water without the adequate traction for control. (Cf. hydroplane.) [1/3 definitions]
balloon tire a wide tire with deep walls that is inflated with relatively low air pressure to cushion shocks or facilitate travel on sand.
blowout the sudden bursting of a vessel containing air or liquid under pressure, esp. an automobile tire. [1/2 definitions]
bullfight a ceremonial sport practiced esp. in Spain and Mexico in which banderilleros and picadors first goad and tire a specially bred bull, and then a matador with a cape and sword provokes the bull into charging him several times, and finally kills it.
exhaust to cause fatigue in; wear out; tire. [2/11 definitions]
fag to make weary or exhausted; tire (often fol. by "out"). [1/4 definitions]
fatigue to tire out or make weary. [1/8 definitions]
flat tire a tire that has become deflated through leakage, puncture, or the like.
frazzle (informal) to tire out; exhaust one's body or nerves. [1/3 definitions]
inner tube an inflated rubber tube inside a tire.
pneumatic an inflatable tire. [1/5 definitions]
radial a tire in which the ply cords lie at right angles to the tread lines; radial tire. [1/7 definitions]
radial tire a tire with ply cords at right angles to the center line of the tread.
recap1 to bond new tread onto (an old tire); retread. [2 definitions]
retread to replace the worn tread of (a tire). [2 definitions]
rim a circular metal structure to which an automobile tire is attached. [1/6 definitions]
self-sealing capable of repairing itself by sealing, as a tire that seals after a puncture. [1/2 definitions]
sidewall the side of an automobile tire between the tread and the wheel rim.
snow tire a tire made to give added traction on snow or ice.
traction the adhesive friction of a body moving on a surface, such as the tire of an automobile against a road. [1/3 definitions]