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circular saw the blade of this saw, which usu. has a toothed edge. [1/2 definitions]
cogwheel a toothed wheel; gearwheel.
comb a thin, toothed implement used to untangle, style, or hold hair. [1/9 definitions]
ctenoid having a toothed or rough edge, as the scales of certain fish; comblike.
dolphin any of several marine mammals having a fishlike body and a toothed, beaklike snout. [1/2 definitions]
escapement the part of a mechanical watch or clock that controls the mechanism by the movement of a toothed wheel. [2 definitions]
fret saw a fine-toothed saw with a narrow blade set in a U-shaped frame, used to cut ornamental patterns in wood and other materials.
gar any of various freshwater fish of North and Central America that have hard scales, a long thin body, and a long, toothed snout.
gearwheel a wheel with a toothed edge in a system of gears; cogwheel.
hacksaw a saw used to cut metal, with a tough, fine-toothed, short blade fixed in a frame.
henbit a spreading European weed, related to mint, that has opposite, toothed leaves and bears small white, pink, or purple flowers.
rack1 a machine bar with teeth that engage another toothed part such as a gearwheel. [1/9 definitions]
ratchet a toothed bar or wheel made to be engaged by a pawl so that motion is permitted in only one direction.
serrate having a notched or grooved edge; saw-toothed. [1/2 definitions]
sperm whale a large, toothed whale with a huge, squarish head from which sperm oil and spermaceti are obtained.
spur a device attached to a rider's boot heel that has a spike or toothed wheel and is used to urge the horse forward. [1/7 definitions]
worm gear a mechanism consisting of a shaft with a helical thread that meshes with a toothed wheel, usu. set at right angles to each other. [1/2 definitions]