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ABC soil a soil made up of three distinct layers, the A or top layer being humus and organic matter, the B layer being clay and oxidized material, and the C layer being loose rock and mineral materials.
acanthus in architecture, a decoration resembling acanthus leaves, esp. at the top of a Corinthian column. [1/2 definitions]
acetabulum the cup-shaped socket of the hipbone into which the top of the thighbone fits. [1/2 definitions]
acro- top; peak; height. [1/2 definitions]
alembic a device, used in the past for distillation, whose main vessel has a beaked top. [1/2 definitions]
alpha having the dominant position among other members of the same sex within a group; top. [1/3 definitions]
ankh in Egyptian art, a cross with a loop at the top, symbolic of life.
ascot a wide scarf or necktie, tied so that one end lies flat on top of the other on the chest.
astrodome a transparent dome mounted on the top of an aircraft fuselage to facilitate the use of navigational or astronomical instruments.
atlas the top vertebra of the neck. [1/5 definitions]
autogiro an aircraft that is pulled forward by a conventional propeller and held up in the air by a large horizontal rotor mounted on top of the fuselage.
baked Alaska a rich dessert made by piling ice cream on top of a layer of cake, covering the whole with meringue, and baking or broiling until the meringue begins to brown.
barouche a four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, two opposing seats for two people each inside, and a driver's seat outside in front.
barrel a cylindrical vessel with a flat top and bottom, often made of wood staves hooped together and having bulging sides. [1/6 definitions]
battlement (often pl.) a parapet or defensive wall lining the top of a fortification, with indentations at regular intervals.
berm a level ledge or strip at the top, bottom, or side of a slope, or along the back of a beach. [1/3 definitions]
big-league of, concerning, or suitable for a top professional sports league, esp. one of the baseball major leagues. [1/2 definitions]
blowhole a single nostril in the top of the head, through which a whale or similar animal breathes. [1/3 definitions]
blucher a shoe constructed with the top overlapping the vamp. [1/2 definitions]
bootstrap a loop attached to the rear or to each side of a boot top, by which the boot is pulled on. [1/5 definitions]
box1 a container made of cardboard, wood, or other stiff material, usu. rectangular and having a lid for the top. [1/9 definitions]