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bedevil to annoy or harass devilishly; torment.
crucify to torment, defame, or persecute, esp. if unjustly. [1/2 definitions]
grill to torment by or as if by intense heat. [1/7 definitions]
hell torment, suffering, or misery. [1/6 definitions]
martyrdom extreme torment. [1/2 definitions]
martyrize to make a martyr of, esp. by causing to suffer; torment.
ordeal formerly, a method of deciding guilt or innocence by exposing a person to physical danger or torment, the outcome being considered divine judgment. [1/2 definitions]
plague to annoy or harass; vex; torment. [1/6 definitions]
pursue to constantly torment or harass. [1/7 definitions]
rack1 to torture or torment, esp. by means of interrogation or on a rack. [1/9 definitions]
self-torment combined form of torment.
tantalize to tease or torment with the sight or prospect of something desirable but unattainable.