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compound fracture a fracture in which the broken bone has torn through the skin.
divot a piece of turf torn up by a golf club in making a stroke.
lacerate torn, mangled, or injured by tearing or cutting; lacerated. [1/4 definitions]
lacerated having been lacerated; torn up; mangled.
ragged worn down into rags; torn and tattered. [1/5 definitions]
raggedy ragged; torn; shaggy.
ribbon (pl.) torn or tattered strips; shreds. [1/8 definitions]
shred a long strip that is torn or cut off, or nearly torn off. [2/3 definitions]
snag a sharp or jagged projection upon which something can be caught or torn. [1/7 definitions]
sod a piece of grassy turf that has been cut or torn away with the roots. [1/3 definitions]
sprain to twist or overstrain (a body joint) so that ligaments are stretched or torn. [2/3 definitions]
tatter a torn and hanging part, shred, or piece, as of a garment or flag. [2/4 definitions]
tatterdemalion a person wearing torn, ragged clothes.
tear sheet a page torn from a magazine or the like, often used to prove to an advertiser that an advertisement was indeed published.