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chaffer to toss words about; chatter. [1/4 definitions]
chuck1 to throw or toss. [2/6 definitions]
flip1 to toss sharply so as to cause to turn over or spin. [2/9 definitions]
hopscotch a children's game in which players toss a small stone or other object onto a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground or pavement, and then hop or jump from one square to another, picking up the stone in the process.
horseshoe (pl. but used with a sing. verb) a game in which players toss horseshoes at a stake some distance away. [1/4 definitions]
mumbletypeg a children's game in which the players toss a knife in various prescribed ways, trying to stick the blade in the ground, with the loser having to withdraw a peg from the ground with his or her teeth.
overhand a stroke or toss performed with the forearm and elbow raised. [1/4 definitions]
quoit (pl., used with a sing. verb) a game in which players try to toss metal or rope rings over or near a distant short metal stake. [1/2 definitions]
shy2 to throw with a sudden sideways toss. [1/2 definitions]
tumble to put or toss together in a disorderly or haphazard manner. [2/16 definitions]