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breath a small bit; trace. [1/4 definitions]
calamine a white or pinkish powder of zinc oxide and a trace of ferric oxide, used in skin lotions.
coil1 to move in or trace a spiral or winding path. [1/8 definitions]
deduce to trace the derivation or origin of. [1/2 definitions]
evidence trace or indication. [1/5 definitions]
expunge to destroy all trace of; obliterate. [1/2 definitions]
fossil the remains or trace of a living organism from an earlier geologic age, embedded in earth or rock. [1/3 definitions]
ghost a mere possibility or trace. [1/7 definitions]
glimmer a slight suggestion; faint appearance; trace. [1/4 definitions]
glint a brief or faint appearance; trace; inkling. [1/4 definitions]
Hebrew a member of the group of Semitic people who trace descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Israelite; Jew. [1/3 definitions]
kiss a light touch or trace. [1/8 definitions]
longitudinal of or designating studies that trace development, as of an individual, over a number of years. [1/4 definitions]
oscilloscope an instrument for depicting variations in an electrical quantity as a wave or trace on a viewing screen.
particle a minute quantity or piece; speck; trace. [1/2 definitions]
radon a radioactive chemical element of the inert gas group that has eighty-six protons in each nucleus and that is produced by the radioactive decay of trace amounts of radium in the soil. (symbol: Rn)
ray1 a very small amount; trace. [1/3 definitions]
remnant a remaining trace of something; vestige. [1/4 definitions]
re-trace to trace again (lines in writing, drawing, or the like).
scandium a metallic chemical element that has twenty-one protons in each nucleus and that forms a trivalent ion present in trace quantities in many minerals. (symbol: Sc)
scintilla a tiny amount; trace.