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antitrades westerly winds moving above and opposite to the trade winds in the tropics.
apprentice one who works for another to learn his or her skill or trade. [1/3 definitions]
apprenticeship the process of working for another to learn that person's skill or trade, or the act of becoming engaged in this way.
bamboo curtain (sometimes cap.) a barrier to trade and diplomacy, based on ideological and political differences, that formerly existed between the People's Republic of China and the West, attributed by the latter to the secrecy and censorship practiced by the Chinese. (Cf. iron curtain.)
bargain to give in exchange for; trade. [1/6 definitions]
barter to trade services or commodities without the use of money. [3/5 definitions]
big-time (informal) significant or influential in a particular trade, profession, or other field of endeavor. [1/2 definitions]
brand name the name by which a particular brand of a product is popularly known or advertised; trade name.
bricklaying the technique or trade of constructing something, such as a building, with bricks.
British East India Company a British company that carried on trade with the East Indies from 1600 to 1874 under the sanction of a royal government charter.
brotherhood a fraternal or trade association. [1/4 definitions]
business an occupation or trade. [2/8 definitions]
butchery a butcher's trade. [1/3 definitions]
buy to obtain by way of trade or exchange. [1/7 definitions]
civil law the section of law that deals with the rights of the citizens, as distinct from laws that regulate criminal acts, military personnel, or international trade. [1/3 definitions]
coaster a ship involved in trade along a coast. [1/4 definitions]
coasting vessel a ship that sails along a coast and participates in trade between neighboring ports.
Comecon an international trade association of communist nations (acronym for "Council for Mutual Economic Assistance").
commercial of or relating to trade or business. [1/4 definitions]
Common Market an economic association of major western European countries mainly designed to eliminate tariffs on trade among member nations and establish uniform tariffs on goods from other countries; European Economic Community. [1/2 definitions]
competition the striving of business firms against one another to secure trade. [1/4 definitions]