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aboard on or into a ship, plane, train, or the like; on board. [1/2 definitions]
berth a shelf or bunk for sleeping on a ship or train. [1/6 definitions]
boat train a passenger train whose route runs between a city or other terminus and a ship's port.
brakeman a member of a railroad crew whose duties include inspecting the train and assisting the conductor.
break in to train, or to prepare for use. [1/2 definitions]
bullet train a high-speed train, especially one of the type invented in Japan.
caboose a car at the rear of a freight train, used by the crew as a place for eating and sleeping.
cadre in the military, a core group of experienced personnel who can set up and train a new unit. [1/2 definitions]
cannonball something moving fast and powerfully, such as a train. [1/4 definitions]
catch to get aboard, as a bus or train. [1/18 definitions]
coaler a ship or freight train used to haul coal.
condition to train to respond in a predictable or controllable way. [1/9 definitions]
conductor the official on a passenger train, bus, or streetcar who collects payment. [1/4 definitions]
deadhead a vehicle, such as a train or truck, carrying no freight or passengers. [1/5 definitions]
depot a bus or train station. [1/2 definitions]
detrain to get off a railroad train. [2 definitions]
diner the dining car of a railroad train. [1/3 definitions]
discipline to train in accordance with rules or principles. [1/7 definitions]
docile easy to train or teach. [1/2 definitions]
dolly a small train engine used in a railway yard, quarry, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
doubleheader a train drawn by two locomotives. [1/2 definitions]