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cusp the point of transition from one astrological sign or historical period to the next. [1/3 definitions]
leap a quick or abrupt transition, change, or movement. [1/6 definitions]
rite of passage a formal, often religious ceremony or procedure that marks a transition from one stage of life to another, such as marriage. [1/2 definitions]
saltation a sudden movement or transition. [1/3 definitions]
socialism in Marxist-Leninist theory, the transition stage between capitalism and communism. [1/3 definitions]
state a condition that is the result of a phase of development or structural transition. [1/11 definitions]
synchromesh designating a gear-shifting mechanism that synchronizes the speeds of the two gears to be meshed, so that the transition is smooth.
transitional of or pertaining to transition.
transitive characterized by or resulting in transition. [1/3 definitions]