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palpitate to shake, throb, or tremble. [1/2 definitions]
pulsate to vibrate; tremble; quiver. [1/2 definitions]
quake to shake or tremble as buildings during an earthquake. [1/3 definitions]
quaking aspen a North American poplar, the small, roundish leaves of which tremble in even a slight breeze.
quaky inclined to shake or tremble.
quaver to tremble or shake, as from exhaustion or illness. [1/6 definitions]
quiver1 a slight shake or tremble. [1/2 definitions]
shake to tremble, as from cold, fear, or anger. [2/16 definitions]
shiver1 to tremble or shake involuntarily, as with cold, anticipation, or fear. [1/4 definitions]
shudder to tremble or shiver uncontrollably, but usu. briefly, as from cold, fear, or distaste. [1/2 definitions]
thrill to tremble or vibrate, as the voice. [1/8 definitions]
tremulous trembling or wavering, or inclined to tremble or waver. [1/3 definitions]
twitter to tremble or quiver from excitement or nervousness. [1/8 definitions]
waver1 to tremble or quaver. [1/6 definitions]
wobble to tremble, quaver, or break, as the voice. [1/4 definitions]