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channel a long, narrow, man-made trench or natural waterway for irrigation, boating, or fishing, or that connects two larger bodies of water. [1/8 definitions]
circumvallate encircled by or as by a wall, rampart, or trench. [2 definitions]
ditch a long narrow trench that provides a waterway for drainage or irrigation or a receptacle for something to be buried in, such as sewer pipes or electric power lines. [2/7 definitions]
furrow a narrow trench made in the ground, as for planting seeds. [1/4 definitions]
moat a deep trench dug for defense around a castle, fort, medieval town, or the like, and usu. filled with water.
pit saw a large saw used to cut wood lengthwise that is handled by two persons, one positioned on the log and the second in a pit or trench beneath it.
sap2 a deep, covered trench that leads to an enemy position or fortification, used for surprise attacks and ambushes. [1/4 definitions]
trench to make a trench in. [3/8 definitions]
Vincent's angina a bacterial disease characterized by ulceration of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tonsils, and pharynx; trench mouth.