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countertrend combined form of trend.
covariance in statistics, a measure of how two variables are related, equal to the product of the deviation of each variable from its mean. In positive covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and air conditioner use) are directly related and follow the same trend. In negative covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and heater use) are inversely related and follow opposite trends.
current a trend or tendency. [1/5 definitions]
downgrade a trend or turn toward a worse condition. [1/5 definitions]
downside a downward trend, financial loss, or unfavorable result or prospect. [1/2 definitions]
downswing a downward turn or trend, as in the economy. [1/2 definitions]
drift trend or direction. [1/11 definitions]
greenhouse effect the warming trend on the surface and in the lower atmosphere of a planet, held by scientists to occur when solar radiation is trapped, as by emissions from the planet.
mainstream the principal or dominant direction or trend of a human activity, thought, or movement. [1/3 definitions]
movement a trend or course of events. [1/8 definitions]
pacemaker a trend setter; leader. [1/3 definitions]
subtrend combined form of trend.
upturn an upward or rising movement or trend. [1/4 definitions]
wind1 a force; trend. [1/14 definitions]
Zeitgeist the spirit of the age (German); the popular outlook or trend of a particular period or generation.