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bait to entice, esp. by trickery. [1/5 definitions]
burn to cause to lose money through trickery; swindle. [1/14 definitions]
cheat to elude or thwart by trickery or as if by trickery. [1/11 definitions]
chicane trickery or deception; chicanery. [2/4 definitions]
con3 (informal) pertaining to trickery or deception that involves an abuse of confidence. [2/3 definitions]
elude to avoid or evade by speed, skill, or trickery. [1/2 definitions]
evade to avoid or escape by cleverness or trickery. [1/5 definitions]
fox to deceive or outwit by trickery or cunning. [1/7 definitions]
fraud deliberate deception or trickery used for unfair or illegal advantage. [2/3 definitions]
fraudulent characterized by or based on the use of deceit or trickery. [2 definitions]
hocus-pocus nonsense or trickery intended to deceive; mystification. [1/2 definitions]
hokey-pokey trickery; nonsense; hocus-pocus.
humbug the act of deceiving by trickery or falsification. [2/8 definitions]
knavery an act or behavior characteristic of a knave; dishonest dealing; trickery.
legerdemain trickery or deception. [1/2 definitions]
magic trickery meant to entertain by suggesting such supernatural control; sleight of hand. [2/6 definitions]
monkey business deceitful or ethically questionable behavior; trickery. [1/2 definitions]
trap1 to catch by deceit or trickery. [1/12 definitions]
trick to deceive, cheat, or swindle by trickery. [1/15 definitions]
tricky given to or marked by deception or trickery; wily. [1/2 definitions]
wary on watchful guard against threat, danger, or trickery; cautious. [1/2 definitions]