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crossbow a bow mounted on a wooden stock that shoots arrows by means of a trigger mechanism.
hair trigger a firearm trigger adjusted so that very slight pressure can make it function.
half cock the partly raised position of the hammer of a firearm, at which point the trigger locks and cannot be pulled.
machine gun an automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession as long as its trigger is pressed.
melt to trigger a sudden feeling of gentleness or emotional helplessness in. [1/8 definitions]
Russian roulette a deadly game of chance in which each participant takes a turn at spinning the cylinder of a revolver that holds only one bullet, pointing it at his or her own head, and pulling the trigger. [1/2 definitions]
snick to cause (a latch, trigger, or the like) to click. [1/6 definitions]
trigger finger the finger used to pull the trigger of a gun, usu. the index finger.
trip to release a trigger or switch, thereby setting (something) in motion or operation. [1/18 definitions]
water gun a child's toy usu. shaped like a pistol, with a mechanism that squirts water when the trigger is pulled; water pistol; squirt gun.