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bon voyage have a good trip.
commute a trip made by commuting. [1/7 definitions]
cruise a pleasure trip on a ship. [1/6 definitions]
day-tripper one who makes a day-long trip but does not stay overnight.
drive a trip, usu. in a car or other vehicle. [1/18 definitions]
errand a quick journey or side trip taken to fulfill a particular purpose. [1/2 definitions]
expedition an outing or journey taken for a specific purpose, or the organized group, with its equipment and conveyances, undertaking such a trip. [1/2 definitions]
expeditionary pertaining to, constituting, or used in a trip undertaken for a specific purpose, esp. a military expedition.
field trip a trip or excursion to a place, often by a group of students or the like, to gain firsthand information, knowledge, or experience.
flight1 a trip on a plane from one place to another. [1/6 definitions]
honeymoon a vacation or trip taken by a couple to celebrate their marriage. [1/4 definitions]
hop1 (informal) to make a short or quick trip, esp. by airplane. [2/8 definitions]
jaunt to take a brief trip or outing, usu. for amusement. [2 definitions]
journey a trip, usu. a lengthy one, from one place to another. [1/3 definitions]
jumping-off place the point of departure, as for a trip or project. [1/2 definitions]
log1 an official daily record of a trip by a ship or plane, noting speed, distance traveled, and any relevant events. [1/7 definitions]
milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
outing a trip away from home or school, for a day or less, usu. for pleasure; excursion or field trip. [1/2 definitions]
pack1 to put belongings into a container in preparation for a trip or for storage. [1/16 definitions]
pilgrim someone who undertakes a usu. long trip for a religious purpose, such as to visit a holy place. [1/3 definitions]
pilgrimage a usu. long trip undertaken for religious purposes, such as to visit a holy place. [2 definitions]