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annoy to be troublesome or irritating. [1/2 definitions]
bother a person or thing that is troublesome or annoying. [1/7 definitions]
couch grass a grass that has creeping rootstocks, by which it spreads rapidly, and is considered a troublesome weed; quack grass; quitch.
cumbrance a troublesome burden or encumbrance.
demon a persistently troublesome emotion, force, or influence. [1/4 definitions]
difficulty something troublesome or worrisome; problem. [1/6 definitions]
fiendish extremely difficult or troublesome; vexatious. [1/2 definitions]
hard troublesome to deal with. [1/11 definitions]
headache (informal) an annoying or troublesome person or thing. [1/2 definitions]
hobgoblin an ugly, mischievous, or troublesome elf, sprite, or goblin. [1/2 definitions]
hot potato (informal) a problem or issue that is troublesome or esp. difficult to handle.
hot water (informal) a troublesome situation; dangerous circumstance; difficulty; predicament (usu. prec. by in, into or the like).
inconvenience the condition or quality of being awkward or troublesome. [1/3 definitions]
Johnson grass a coarse perennial grass grown for animal forage, but often growing as a troublesome weed.
mess a confusing, embarrassing, or troublesome state of affairs. [1/11 definitions]
nuisance someone or something that is annoying or troublesome.
on the spot in a troublesome or uncomfortable position. [1/2 definitions]
prickly troublesome or difficult to handle. [1/3 definitions]
spiny troublesome; difficult; prickly. [1/3 definitions]
ugly threatening or troublesome; hostile. [1/4 definitions]
weighty troublesome; oppressive. [1/4 definitions]