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aberrant turning aside from what is natural, right, or true; perverse. [1/2 definitions]
absolutist one who regards certain ideas as being unconditionally true. [1/3 definitions]
affidavit a written statement that is sworn in the presence of an authorized official to be true, used as legal evidence.
affirm to firmly declare (something), or to state or maintain (something) as true. [1/2 definitions]
appear to be likely to be true or to have happened. [1/5 definitions]
artificial not true or sincere; contrived; forced. [1/3 definitions]
assume to suppose (something) to be true without evidence; take for granted. [1/3 definitions]
authoritative accepted as correct, true, or reliable as a source of information; official. [1/2 definitions]
aver to assert to be true; affirm.
axiomatic of, relating to, or resembling an axiom; unquestionably true; self-evident. [1/2 definitions]
beg the question to assume as true a conclusion to an argument and then present that conclusion as proof.
belief a notion or idea accepted as true, esp. a religious doctrine. [1/3 definitions]
believable convincing as a portrayal or representation of something real; true to life. [1/2 definitions]
believe to accept as honest or true. [2/6 definitions]
believe in to accept as real or true. [1/3 definitions]
benefit of the doubt acceptance of a statement or belief as true in the absence of contrary proof.
blind a cover or mask for true purpose or action; something that obscures. [1/12 definitions]
bryophyte any of the group of plants that consists of the true mosses, peat mosses, hornworts, and liverworts.
case1 things in reality; what is actual or true. [1/9 definitions]
claim to state (something) as true although not proven or universally accepted to be true; assert, contend. [2/8 definitions]
confess to reveal, admit, or concede as true, esp. something self-incriminating. [1/6 definitions]