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blowhole a vent for air or gases, as from an underground tunnel. [1/3 definitions]
bore1 to create (an opening such as a tunnel) by cutting through. [1/7 definitions]
bulkhead a wall built across a tunnel to reinforce it and protect against fire, flood, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
burrow a hole or tunnel dug by certain animals, such as rabbits, for use as a hiding place or dwelling. [1/5 definitions]
catacomb (usu. pl.) an underground burial tunnel, lined by recesses for the tombs. [1/2 definitions]
excavate to form (a hole, tunnel, or the like) by digging out material. [1/5 definitions]
gantlet1 a portion of railroad tracks made up of two separate but overlapping tracks, usu. constructed at a narrow place, such as a tunnel or bridge. [1/3 definitions]
mole3 any of various small, insect-eating mammals that have very small eyes, soft light brown to dark gray fur, and strong forefeet, and that usu. tunnel or burrow underground. [1/2 definitions]
sandhog one who does excavation work in sandy, wet conditions, esp. a laborer working on the construction of an underwater tunnel.
subway a tunnel used in an underground railway system, or a similar tunnel. [2/3 definitions]
tunnel to construct a tunnel under or through (a mountain, river, city, or the like). [2/6 definitions]
turbojet a tunnel-like engine in which air compressed by turbine-driven spinning blades and mixed with atomized fuel is ignited, producing a powerful jet of hot gases that provides thrust and also drives the turbine; turbojet engine. [1/2 definitions]