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bi- twice a (specified period). [1/3 definitions]
biannual done or occurring twice a year; semiannual.
business envelope an envelope that will enclose a sheet of paper eight and a half inches wide that has been folded twice lengthwise.
di-1 two; double; twice.
double consisting of two times as much; having twice the amount or number. [3/19 definitions]
double-check to verify, as by checking twice; recheck. [1/2 definitions]
double indemnity a provision in a life or accident insurance policy that twice the face value of the contract will be paid in the event of accidental death.
double time a rate of overtime pay that is twice the normal rate or wage. [1/3 definitions]
doubly to twice the extent or degree; with double the effort or emphasis.
George Foreman U.S. heavyweight boxer who twice won the World Heavyweight Championship (b. 1949).
hemihydrate a hydrate that has twice as many molecules of the anhydrous compound as of water.
hour hand the shorter hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face twice a day and indicates the hour.
octave a musical tone eight full tones above or below another tone, with twice or half as many vibrations per second as the other tone. [1/5 definitions]
rediscount (often pl.) twice-discounted commercial paper. [1/3 definitions]
redouble to double or make twice as great; renew more vigorously; intensify. [2/7 definitions]
semi- twice. [1/3 definitions]
semiannual occurring or published once each half year or twice each year.
semimonthly occurring or being issued twice every month. [3 definitions]
semiweekly issued, done, or occurring twice a week. [3 definitions]
semiyearly issued, done, or occurring twice a year; semiannual. [2 definitions]
twofold being twice as great; having twice as much. [2/3 definitions]