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abnormal different from the normal or usual; not typical. (Cf. irregular.)
acronym a type of abbreviation used as a word, formed by combining the initial letters (or initial parts) of words that make up a particular string. The pronunciation of an acronym is based on the typical rules of pronouncing words in a language and is not made up of the sounds of the names of individual letters.
all-American typical of the ideas, preferences, and traditions of most Americans. [2/5 definitions]
archaic having the features or characteristics typical of a much older time; antiquated. [1/3 definitions]
atypical not like others of the same type; not typical; unusual.
average usual or typical; not extreme. [2/9 definitions]
burnt of or concerning artists' paints that are deeper and either warmer or grayer in color than is typical. [1/2 definitions]
characteristic indicating the typical or distinguishing attributes and qualities of a person, group, action, or thing. [1/3 definitions]
childish typical of or appropriate for a child. [1/2 definitions]
classic representative or typical of a class or category; serving as a standard. [1/8 definitions]
clime in literary use, a region of the earth, or the typical weather conditions thereof.
Cornish of, concerning, or typical of Cornwall, its people, or their ancient Celtic language. [1/2 definitions]
cross section a representative sample or selection of typical parts that reveals what the whole is like. [1/3 definitions]
deviate to stray from typical, predicted, or average behavior. [1/6 definitions]
deviation difference or divergence, as from a typical pattern, accepted social norms, political orthodoxy, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
Doric of, pertaining to, designating, or characteristic of the earliest and simplest order of classical Greek architecture, later adapted by the Romans, esp. its typical fluted columns with simple capitals. [1/3 definitions]
exemplar a typical specimen; example. [1/4 definitions]
exemplary serving as a typical example. [1/4 definitions]
forehead the part of the human face above the eyes and below the typical hairline; brow. [1/2 definitions]
friendly of, relating to, or typical of a friend or a friendship. [1/4 definitions]
frontier of, pertaining to, or typical of human settlements at the edge of the wilderness. [1/3 definitions]