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definite clearly defined or fixed, as opposed to being undecided, undetermined, or general; precise; exact. [1/3 definitions]
equivocal doubtful or undecided, as in one's opinion or attitude toward something. [1/3 definitions]
hang to delay or hesitate; be undecided. [1/16 definitions]
hover to be in an undecided or uncertain position. [1/4 definitions]
indefinite lacking clear definition or limits; vague, undecided, or indeterminate.
indeterminate not resolved or settled; undecided. [1/3 definitions]
swing undecided or undetermined, and having the ability to determine the outcome of something, esp. an election. [1/25 definitions]
uncertain undecided, changeable, or unpredictable. [1/3 definitions]
up in the air undecided, unsettled, or uncertain.
wishy-washy indefinite, undecided, or feeble, as a person or utterance. [1/2 definitions]